About Us

Welcome to EEL, suppliers of specialist equipment around the world since 1982.

We are active onshore with low, medium and high pressure air compressors, and inshore and offshore with geophysics and geotechnical equipment.

Our compressors can be found across the globe in military dockyards, petrochemical plants and steel works, and testing high pressure pipework and receivers. And, our geophysical and geotechnical equipment is active around the world at offshore exploration and drilling sites, windfarms, harbour developments, civil engineering projects, and dredging locations.

Fast and reliable. We won’t let you down.


Four decades of experience makes EEL the go to company for the rental and operation of specialist equipment.


Our reputation is built on the quality of our results, and our attention to detail and customer service.


Our highly-skilled field technicians are known for being innovative, knowledgable and well-trained.


We pride ourselves on our rapid, responsive service. We own all our own equipment and keep it well maintained and fully serviced so that it is ready to go at a moments notice.


Our staff are friendly and approachable and can provide you with expert advice on the equipment you need to get the best results, whatever your project.