Geophysical & Seismic Equipment

The seismic experts

We have been supplying seismic and geophysical equipment and personnel around the world since 1982. Our experience makes us the go to company for the hire and operation of marine seismic and geophysical systems for oil and gas exploration, hazardous site surveys and engineering investigations.

Hiring from us lets you take advantage of our knowledge and experience. We own all our equipment and are continuously investing in new, high value equipment so that you don’t have to. All our systems are regularly serviced and ready to be rapidly mobilised.

With our seismic and geophysical equipment active inshore and offshore, we cover everything from ultra-high resolution surveys for wind farms and pipe routes to high resolution work for oil exploration and hazardous site surveys.

Our 2D and 2DHR seismic systems are suitable for geological and gas hazard mapping at depths of 0.5–2 km, while our UHR and seabed profilers penetrate up to 250 m in shallow and deep water. To make sure our equipment produces the very best results, we ensure our geophysical and seismic field technicians are innovative and knowledgable, and the best-trained people for the job.

Shallow water and remote location experts

We have extensive experience running multi-channel seismic surveys in water as shallow as four metres. We regularly carry out shallow 2D surveys for research institutions and infill surveys for 3D datasets, which are very useful in shallow water unsuitable for 3D spreads.

We have also had a lot of success supporting clients in remote areas around the world, who require single, fast solutions to gather high resolution seismic data.

Let us help you

Drawing on our wealth of experience, we can offer fast, flexible solutions whatever your project and provide you with expert advice on the best equipment to get you the best results.

We have a wide range of equipment available for hire, including hydrophone arrays, airguns, Digicourse depth controllers, deep tow boomers and sparkers, surface tow sparkers, and seismic compressors.

Our reputation is built on the quality of our results and our attention to detail. All our operations are fully monitored by our UK office, so you can relax knowing that support available at all times.