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Geotechnical Equipment & winches

The kit you need for sampling the seabed

Marine winches and geotechnical CPT units, corers, samplers and seabed grabs available for hire – plus experienced, highly-skilled technicians.

At our warehouse in Beccles, UK, we have a huge range of marine geotechnical equipment and winches available for rental. Our equipment is well maintained, regularly serviced and ready to go. This allows us to respond rapidly and offer immediate access to geophysical equipment – we can usually ship worldwide within 24 hours.

Our facilities and technical support makes us the go to company for the rental and operation of marine geotechnical CPT units, corers, samplers and seabed grabs, plus the necessary winches to deploy and recover them from the seabed. We are active at oil and gas fields, wind farms, harbours, and cable routes – in fact anywhere a seabed sample is required.

Our systems can be supplied on their own, or with highly-skilled and experienced technicians to assist with set-up, operation and maintenance.

We have a range of geotechnical equipment available for hire, including Datem 5000 and 3000 CPT units, vibracorers, piston corers, mega box corers, mini box corers, grabs, and multi corers capable of taking 12 samples in a single drop. We also have a range of winches that can be set-up to fit most systems.

Fast, reliable and transparent

We have extensive experience supplying equipment across the world. Give us a call and you will be surprised at how fast we can deliver.

Our hire contracts are clear, with generous allowances during delivery and collection. Consumable and spare items are only charged as used. There are no performance rates, so if you treat the equipment well there are savings to be made.

Let us help you

Need expert assistance? Please call us. We can provide tailored solutions to fit you project and expert advice on the best equipment to meet your needs.

All our operations are monitored by our UK office, so you can relax knowing that support is available at all times.