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Industrial Plant Hire

Industrial Plant Hire with Worldwide Delivery

Our equipment has served in a wide variety of industrial sectors, including Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Food Production, Health, Mining, and more.

For all your compressed air system needs, regardless of pressure or flow, we’ve got the perfect solution. Our offerings are both cost-effective and energy-efficient, tailored to your specific requirements, be it short-term boosts or long-term stability, whether for increased productivity or urgent situations. We provide a range of options including diesel and electric compressors, along with essential accessories like air hoses, filters, and dryers. Our compressors ensure seamless air delivery at any pressure and flow rate, ensuring your tasks are completed smoothly.

For different pressure requirements:

  • Low Pressure (up to 4 bar): Rental compressor equipment suitable for process air, compressed air, and pneumatic conveyors.
  • Medium Pressure (4 to 12 bar): Rental compressors ideal for industries like piping, refining, textiles, and paper production.
  • High Pressure (13+ bar): Rental compressors designed for applications such as onshore operations, drilling, mining, and construction. Need even higher pressure? Our compressors can be equipped with boosters to reach up to 250+ bar if necessary.

Is it important that the compressed air you use is clean and dry? Thanks to an extensive fleet of dryers, compressed air filters, and heat exchangers, we can develop a comprehensive solution for any form of air treatment. From air-cooled dry air to warm and hot air:

  • CD adsorption air dryers
  • FD compressed air refrigeration dryers
  • Pressure dew point down to -40°C

Fast and reliable. We won’t let you down.

Project management

Our service team has the knowledge to ensure a seamless and customised installation that meets your requirements (e.g. airflow, pressure, temperature, dew point, etc.).

Specialized equipment

We guarantee high-quality equipment that is well-maintained and in excellent condition.

24/7 service

Our team is available 24/7. They can install and operate the equipment, but for larger projects, we can also train your staff on site to maximise productivity.


We pride ourselves on our rapid, responsive service. We own all our own equipment and keep it well maintained and fully serviced so that it is ready to go at a moments notice, anywhere in the world.


Our staff are friendly and approachable, and can provide you with expert advice on the equipment you need to get the best results, whatever your project.